Examinations of Two Thousand and Nine.

Exams were something to be feared. Yet, aren't they always.
This year I was privileged enough to take Chemistry. Historically the most threatening of all exams. And this year I am proud to say that I am the longest runner 'taker' of that exam.

Seven Hours and Forty-Five Minutes. (7hr 45mins)

Ridiculous? Completely.
But hopefully worth it.
I was accompanied by an able bodied team mate and I praise her patience and competence. And compatibility to my own knowledge.

I also would like to take a moment to thank the course's teacher. This woman was very affected by our period, and vice versa.

Well done Ceckla'. Well done.

All in all exams were filled with late nights, early mornings, sweat pants, Pinky's Sandwiches, and hard work. Yeah, I would trade it for a week of regular school. But it's also a perfect week of proving to myself how much I really learned. One of those weeks were you can take a step back and look at yourself and hopefully be impressed.
I think I was impressed.

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