Being home is one of the best feelings in the world.
Hands down. No contest.

But what makes it better is when your home is the thing that makes your insides work. The place that you always just feel...good in. The place that your clothes smell like, and when they don't you can tell. The place that you always want to go after one of those 'worse days of your life.'
For me when someone says Montpelier, the first thing I see in my mind is my house of course, surrounded by the lush green foliage that summer brings (even the rainest of summers.)
Then it's the feeling.
That feeling you get when it's not hot out, but it's warm. And the sun is out, and there you are, happy as a clam. The sun is at that place between your neck and your face and it's slowly crawling both ways. Not heating you but warming you. It's the kind of sun you want to take a nap in. And it feels like a warm chocolate chip muffin. Like snuggling farther under your warm covers after the first frost.
It feels like that little red house that I learned my life in.
It feels like home.

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