June Nineteenth of Two Thousand and Nine

It 'twas the last day of school.
Remember the years when this day brought a surge of happiness and freedom?
It didn't this year.

Sure I'm excited to be a senior but...I don't know. I love school. I really do. I love going to classes. I love seeing everyone. Friend or Foe. I love the teachers in our school. and I love the community we have. So yeah, I get a little disappointed on the last day of school.

Yes, I am happy to have this break. This summer-ness. But I always get bored after about three weeks. Maybe I'm just really lame, or crazy. Or both.
Either way. Summer is here. School is out. Let the madness ensue. Let the trouble makers cause havoc the sunbathers soak up the cancer and the college bound mope. Here it is.

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