Life as I know it.

Each day I feel my self gathering new respect for the world around me. My life in general. Be it where I live, my school, my town, my home, my friends, even my own intelligence. (In a not I'm-so-smart kind of way.) I look around and think of how damn lucky I am, how much I've got going for me. Even if I don't get into my top school, even when I don't get straight A's.

And I love it. I love being content. I'm not exuberant or excited. I'm not over the top happy. But I'm not upset or bummed. I'm just fine. And I think it's great.

I have found that I'd far rather be single, and maybe I'm even happier being no one's absolute best friend. I love my friends to bits and I'd be lost without them. But I love having ALL of them.

I love that I'm working, though I will find myself complaining. And as much as I do enjoy a summer, I'm ready for school. I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready to see everyone again. I'm ready to be apart of that community again.

I guess I'm just happy.
and I like that.

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