Possibly fun, but certainly, facts.

Fact: I'm beginning to discover that this whole "being connected" and "staying connected" business does not work well for some people. It's like skinny jeans or bangs. I've found that one, or two (if you're lucky), blogs is plenty. One Facebook. One Twitter. And possibly even no Myspace. Can work quite well. But throw in some photo accounts (PhotoBucket, Flickr, and the like,) more blogs (Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad, Tumblr) it all is too much for one brain and two hands. (If you can get a three hand deal going, then more power to you.) But I think it just makes people really want one of those "I'm Huge on Twitter" shirts, for so many wrong reasons. And I refuse to link anyone to one of those shirts.

Fact: Cocoa Butter Lotion. Huge win. Also, a HUGE bottle, no really, just got one, it's 32 fl oz. (And that was the small.) One bottle. That feels/sounds/looks ridiculous no? Sooo worth it. My legs, arms, stomach, feel like Butta'.

Fact: Owl City. One man show that is seriously worth checking out.

Fact: I regret to inform the world that I may be impressed with the new Jonas CD. Listening to it? Okay fine, everyone has some weird weakness. But have feelings of "Hmm, this is good music?" Nearly unheard of by anyone over the age of 14.
In summary, I'm on the verge of impressed. Not quite there.

Fact: I am not convinced that Lysol kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria.

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