Summer as it Stands

There is always one question asked by anyone you see while on summer holiday...
"Oh how's your summer going?"
And there are always the standby answers...
"Working a lot."
"Wish I saw more of my friends/family/children."

But I always feel that after I answer I've answered wrong. Maybe I should have been more profound. Or maybe that's too dull of an answer. Then give me five more minutes and I'll have rationalized myself into thinking that no matter what my answer the recipient could not possibly expect a truly honest answer considering I still have plenty of holiday left. And certainly a heap-load of things could happen drastically changing my general feeling towards my summer.

Though after leaving the "asker" I always find myself wondering how I'll answer the question on my first day back into school. Because it is a well known fact, that WILL be the first question one is asked my classmates and teachers.

I suppose which ever way I answer I just hope to answer honestly.

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