College hunting that is.

It's tedious, and long and unforgiving. It takes months, and months, and months. To narrow from thousands of schools to fifty, to twenty, to a dozen. Right now, I'm in the twenty area. Everyday I comb through information on various schools. From programs, and requirements to dorm amenities. Some days I hate it, some days I love it.

Today, I hate it.

I have visited nine colleges, and by the end of the summer (God that day is so soon) that number will have increased.

Today I'm disgusted with how long all of this takes. I'm sick of it. I started all this at the beginning of last year. And the worst part is, it's not even close to over. I still have to test again, I still have to refine my number of schools I'm applying to, then apply. Then wait. Then decide, that of course is assuming I get into more than one.

Anyways. That is my frustration of the night. I suppose I shall have a "real" post tomorrow night, should all go well.

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