Old Woman in School.

CAUTION: Slight rant ahead.

My parents, God bless them, have always acted older than their age. Especially my Dad, sometimes I'm convinced he came out a 40 year old man. (Non Benji Button style.) They have always been relatively old fashioned in their ways of parenting. Although I will be the first to say I was, and still am, spoiled. My parents never slacked on their... guidelines. Looking back I would say that is really what I can attribute to my 'mama' and 'old woman' status before even being an adult.

First off let me show you how un-seventeen I am.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Don't drink.
  • Up until about April of '08 I went to bed by 9:00/9:15.
  • During the week days, unless I'm working, I'm at home by 6:00 and will not, unless emergencies ensue, leave the house.
  • I always have my homework done and occasionally find it appalling that others don't.
  • I don't even stay out late on weekends.
Now, by 'mama' I literally mean I am the 'mama.' I look after my friends. I'm the one that is sitting home on Friday nights telling people to be careful. And the one that is scolding Thursday mornings for not having done homework. I'm the one that has four bags with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to go the beach. I'm that friend. I'm the mom away from mom.

But what I mean to get at is that I have a huge issue with immaturity. It annoys me, bothers me, pisses me off, to no end. I think a lot of it has to with the fact that I simply expect more of people. I generally see a lot of potential in people, and I have yet to decide if this is a flaw, but what it comes down to, is that whenever I encounter this surge of immaturity and unbelievable pettiness, I'm disgusted. As far as I'm concerned by this time, when you are looking into what you want to do for the rest of your life you should pretty much be past immaturity. Step it up. Expect more. Work harder.

Seems stupid, and rant-like. But think about it. Worst part of high school? Easily the immature people. (Have a different answer? Betcha it connects back to maturity or lack there of.)

Anyways. I'm the mama who wants more for people, and wants to not be surrounded by tools, and that is my rant of the day.


  1. "...and wants to not be surrounded by TOOLS..." nice word choice

  2. haha. "the one that has four bags with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to go the beach"
    love it!
    you are the Mama, R!
    haha, get it?....dont judge me