Thanks be to God.

Sometimes my head is jumbly. Tonight my head is jumbly. I'm thinking of the rain outside my window, the hour at which I must rise in the morning. I'm thinking of how many more pages I have left to read in my book. I'm thinking of how badly I want to be writing, but I have no time. I'm thinking of so many things, and realizing how inconsequential they really are.

Today, where I am in Maine, three people have probably lost their lives at sea. Four were swept into the ocean than rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard. At least a dozen were injured. Children, the elderly, parents, newlyweds, and regular old tourists. And everyone that was there at noon this afternoon will be haunted tonight by the images they saw. It was high tide, rip tides, and hurricane wind, put them all together the waves were astronomical in an area that is already 20 plus feet above sea level.

And as I sit here and run through the list in my head of the dozens of things I need to do before school begins, I'm finding my throat tighten and my eyes barely beginning to sting with tears. These poor families stricken with pain and tragedy during vacation.

I get that feeling more often though. When I think about all the families around the states, and even the world that are grieving the life of a child, or parent, finding out about a sickness, losing their houses or jobs. Anything. As I sit and only worry about finish my assigned reading.

It's hard because on so many levels I am beyond grateful. I'm also terribly saddened by many of the things I read everyday. But there is always that errant thought, "Thank God that's not me." That thought always makes me feel like I'm up-ing my chances for something bad to happen, like I'm risking it.

But tonight, tonight like many nights, I am just thankful. Grateful. I may believe in more of a religious buffet than my Catholic upbringing would allow, but that doesn't mean I don't think there is someone working a few things out up above.

Tonight give a few people your love. And keep these families in your hearts.


  1. Perspective is a powerful thing. So many lives were changed today by things that we literally will never even know about. It's easy to forget, but necessary to remember.

  2. such maturity you have... it's amazing.