As a "writer" I have begun to realize that I literally live off of feedback, comments, criticism, responses, reviews, counter-opinions, alternate ideas, anything that involves a response on how I do something, what I've written.

I love it, it fuels me.

I can't help but find other people and their brains interesting. That is who I am. I write based on observation, everything I write is somehow based off of something or someone. Which I realize that, that in and of itself is a bad idea. I understand I could set myself up for something bad in a few years. But I can't not.

Which means, that as I write, or do certain things, say things and whatnot, the occasional response sends me through the roof. Because I'm nearly always surprised. I almost always would never have expected the certain response, so to have it, to have heard it, makes at least my day, occasionally my week. I can't explain it. I can't explain how it works. All I do know is that I always appreciate it, always.

Negative comments? Yeah, still like them. Because it is still a response, it is still something that someone else thought of either because of me, or something I did/said. And that interests me, it makes me think about the way I think, and write, and what other people see. Sometimes they are the simplest things, like, "Yeah, I kinda hated that." Okay, why? No, really, WHY, I need to know.

It keeps me going. I always appreciate it. So if you ever have some to give, ever, on anything. Share. Please, please, please share.

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  1. Feedback is the only way to figure out how you're doing a lot of the time. It's awesome that you can take it in stride even when it's negative and just enjoy the fact that it's there at all. Keep up the good work!