Pain, Pain, Go Away.

Anyone who has been near me for over an hour within the past eight to ten weeks or so knows that I've have acquired some pain. And by some I mean a ton, and by eight to ten weeks I mean all day, everyday.

So, I whine. And complain. And have become completely annoying. And I recognize that, and feel awful about it. Then I remember how bad it hurts and want to yell at everyone, "YOU TRY IT FOR NINE WEEKS AND THREE DAYS!" (totally not counting.) But because I am so calm and so collected. I don't.

Beyond the point, it hurts and I'm tired of it. But it's finally in the process of being fixed. I'm getting there. I have had five doctors appointments in less than a week. Which is really not my favorite way to spend my time, but it's starting to work, so maybe we're getting somewhere.

And dudes, if we're not, I'm screwed. Because overall I have an okay pain tolerance. Especially as of late, but I cannot keep living my life like this.

Also, go see Katie (here), because the girl could use some support.

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