The Weight

Here's the thing about "The Weight."

It goes up and down.
And up.
And up.
Maybe down a little.
But then it goes up again.

Completely of no fault other than my own. I'm the one eating the Ben & Jerry's. I'm the one that is always saying I'll get on the treadmill next weekend. So yes, the up and up and up, is my fault.

But the glorious thing about education in the United States is that they LOVE, no really LOVE to push the idea of physical fitness. (If for a single moment you questioned why, go to your nearest urban area and look at the restaurants, and the people around you.)

So this year I have taken up not one, but TWO workout classes. Anyone who even remotely knows me knows that this is HUGE. (Examples of how huge? I have teachers that joke about how physically inactive I am. Seriously.) On Mondays I go to ZUMBA! which is a blast. And really not hard, at all, so I walk out of the gym all sweaty and happy with myself for working out for just over an hour. And in the morning I don't feel so dead that I vow never to go again. Works out real well actually. Then on Wednesdays I go to spinning. Initially this was not the best choice because folks this hurt your bum. Let's be honest when was the last time you sat on a bicycle seat and said your self, 'Yeah I could sit hear for an hour comfortable pedaling my ass off.' You didn't did you?

Right. So, not comfy. BUT I can do it, and I sweat (and sweat equals lost calories right?)

Obviously there are some people out there that would think this is all a cake walk, and honestly I'm not finding it too hard. But for me it's a big deal to do anything so physically exhausting let alone, during the week, after a full day, and potentially before going to work.

So the weight? It's going down. Maybe only by a little. But it's a start. And I'll take a start over anything.

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