Blatantly Blessed

It has been a long while since I have sat down to truly think about what I am thankful for. As I sit here tonight surely there are the obvious ones. My family, my friends, shelter, food, health. But it's more than that.

I do appreciate my family. (Even though most days I could do without seeing them all the time.)
I am thankful for my friends. They are my people, the people that I spend most of everyday with. They keep me up and know when I'm down. Of course I am thankful for that.
I love having somewhere to live. Somewhere warm, somewhere to sleep at night.
I love knowing that I will not be going without a meal. I appreciate these two things so much.
And the all important health. There are days when I am convinced I could not possibly feel worse. That all of this shit could not possibly be any worse. But you know, it could.

I have had, by many accounts, a very pampered childhood. I was blessed with parents that have solid careers. I was able to go to private school, and afforded with so many opportunities. We are able to go on vacations and I can go to college. I know this is all so fantastic and I am so thankful.

I truly am.

Stepping back I know that I appreciate everything in my life. All the good and the bad.
All the pain, all of the stuff that makes me cry. Because when I look at everything that makes me laugh, and everything that makes me happy, it is all worth it.

Now, I'm not typically one for sap. And I really truly hate the things that make most females tear up. (Yeah, that Notebook movie? Hate it.) But when I do sit down to take inventory of how blessed I am I always walk away feeling... humbled.

That is what I am truly thankful for, the fact that I have so much that I am humbled by it. (Is that right, does it make sense?)

I have a good life, and good people in my life. There shouldn't be any more I could ask for.

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