Two years. That's how many years old you'd be today.

Everyone misses you. People who never met you, we all miss you.

We remember you everyday. When we see purple. Or see a photo of your smiling face and shining eyes. We wear purple on Tuesdays because it makes us feel that extra half inch of cotton better. We tell people your story, because we believe everyone deserves to know how great you are. We remind your parents how much we care about them. We thank them for sharing you with us. We pray for your growing family. We send healing thoughts, of peace, and clarity, and good health. We send our love.

You are missing out on your second birthday. You are not going to see Binky when she comes home. You cannot get hugs and loves from your mom and dad everyday. But that doesn't mean it should be that way.

We know it's not fair.
Everyone does.
We all hate it.

But it has stopped being about what is fair. Because we know we cannot change that.

What we can change is the future. We can help save other babies.
The kind of babies that would have been with you in the NICU.
Babies like you, that deserve a future just as much you do.

That's why your parents created a wonderful charity with you in mind.
Friends of Maddie.
To help families with babies in the NICU.

It's doing good Maddie, and so is March of Dimes. People donate because of you, in your name and have others donate for them in lieu of gifts.

Know that everyone loves you, misses you, cares for you, and your family.
It still hurts. That won't change for a long while.
But it's nice to know that there is hope for others.

All love and prayers on this day and every others to anyone who feels pain from this loss.

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  1. beautiful. this made me cry. because everything you say is right. and i feel like maddie, except i didn't have the junkie lungs and made it, and she didn't. and that's so unfair to me, because she absolutely should have too. but if she hadn't, we would never have learned about this remarkable girl and her story, no, not nearly as fast. and she gives us purpose, purpose to remember her and to do something about it. i love this, and i love you, and i love maddie, and i cannot believe she would be two whole years old, and mostly i just want to say, good work ryliz. this is awesome. this whole thing, not just this post. but this one too.