Because You Deserve to Hear This.

Note: I'll leave this unaddressed and not mention names which, with a flurry of pronouns, will get confusing. I write this here in futile hope that someone is reading. I write this here because it belongs nowhere else, not even in the hands of to it's unaddressed.


It's been a while now since we were so abruptly introduced. I'll admit I was skeptical at first. Doubting your veracity and understandably hesitant of your commitment and loyalty. But I must say, you proved many wrong. You proved to be honest, and truly hoping for the best. You tried your damnedest to make things better for the people you care about. You battled tyrants and arguably classifiable abusers. And look where you are now. Happy I hope, though many days I doubt it.

That is what I'm really writing to you about, your happiness. See, it's actually discussed often, in the small circles I run in. Happiness is something I believe everyone deserves, you and yours included. The thing is, I have been finding it hard to believe that "yours" is making you happy. I feel as if you have diluted yourself into believing that you are happy, when truly you are just, content.

Now maybe that doesn't seem like an issue to you, and by all means, stay content. But I see so much more for you. I know you have so much more in you. You've got a hell of a lot of passion in you for something you care about, that I know. I also know that right now, it's being smothered. I know that you are not "living life to the fullest." And maybe you're not all about that, that's okay to. I just...I just want you to realize how you are actually living.

I want you to realize that this need that you feel, this desire that you have to hold on, to love so intensely, isn't coming from where you think it's coming. Though, I do believe that's where it started. In your heart of hearts I do believe that you felt that desperate need, and that uncontrollable love. Now, I think maybe you've been stooped. You believe you still have so much need, you still believe that love is fleeting and you only have a few people in your life that care about you. You know though, that it is not true.

That is where you're stuck. You know people care about you, and have your best interest at heart. You know you have passion, and potential. But you don't believe any of that. You still believe that only one person truly loves you, and wants the best for you. You still believe that that one person is the only one that will ever love you like that. (And that I believe comes with the territory of that particular type of relationship.) You still believe that what you have now is scarily close to all you'll ever have.

But you're wrong, at least I hope you're wrong.

Because I know you can make it through this standing up straight. I know you can make it through this and dive into something that will give you true happiness. I also know, that it's possible you aren't ready for all of that. I just want you to realize that you could. You could stand on your own. You could accomplish things on your own simply for the satisfaction of doing so.

Just think about it. Promise me you'll consider it. Consider what you can do with your life. I'm not saying walk out, or run away. I'm saying know what you can accomplish and don't hesitate to do so. Know what you want from your own life and don't lose sight of the fact that it can happen for you, you just have to want it.


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