Dear Kevin Bacon.

Well here it is. 2010.

Day One:

Dear 2010,
Cosmic Forces,
Kevin Bacon,

This year I'm hoping for a lot of things. Not like 'Dear Santa' hoping, just wishful thinking really. This year what I would like most is to be happy. You see I'm finding my self to be increasingly worried that come next school year I will desperately unhappy whilst "furthering my education." Certainly that is not something I want for my self, unhappiness that is. Not something that you would want for my either, right Kevin? (I may have tried to convince my self that living in a hole in the wall, working endless hours, and hardly making ends meet is preferable. I may have believed me.)

This year I would also like less tragedy, less pain, and less hurt. Now, I know this is a lot to ask for, and pretty girls have been asking for world peace (and maps *snicker*) for some time now. And as much as I would appreciate world peace, that's not what I'm asking for. What I want is just for someone to turn down the sad knob, because 2009's hurt level? That shit was bananas. Maybe just leave more families be, help more of the sick and the injured. (Yes, I realize this causes somewhat of a population problem.) I don't know, just think about it.

So, we have happiness covered, and less hurt, what's next then? Ah, yes, love. No, I'm not asking for someone special. Or even someone nice to look at, but thanks so much for Chris Pine. What I would like is for people to just remember love. Remember to love, remember that they are loved, remember that there is love. You see, Buddha, I think that there has been a lot of forgetting this year, as far as love goes. And it's high time we bring it back.

Alright that's about all. Love, Less Hurt, and Happiness. Just see what you can do, no pressure.

Thanks in advance.


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