The Weight (Part Three)

I am officially a size two.

I nearly screamed in The GAP changing room when I tried on the very pair of jeans I am in now. In fact, I put a hand over my mouth in fear that I would scream.

But here I am. Four months since I have started this 'working-out' business, and I'm down two pant sizes.

And four people- one, about a month ago, two-in the same day-a week ago, and someone today, have all dished out my favorite compliment.

"You are looking so skinny."
"Are you losing weight, woman?"
"You are looking really tiny today."
"Hun, did you know you're losing weight?"

Thanks people.
It's feeling worth it.

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  1. Thats fantastic - there is nothing like that feeling of wanting to high five yourself at The Gap!