Today, I was able to hear some amazing feedback on something that I have written. Now, I have mentioned before that I live for feedback on things that I write. It's my fuel.

But today it was about something I was particularly nervous about sharing. It wasn't anything overly personal. I really only worked on it for a few days, hell, it was only three pages long. But, I don't know, I really wanted it to work.

To be able though, to not only receive feedback so promptly, but to also be able to talk it out and hear direct opinions, it was perfect. That is what I need. And I worry that wherever I end up next year I won't be able to have that. Either that I'll be completely unsatisfied with my own work or not be able to work on it with anyone else. Both of which, I would be devastated to live with. In fact it would simply prove everything I fear about in college to be horribly true. It would be pointless, I would have everything I want become pointless.

And I don't want that. I can't have that.
I want feedback, and responses, and real voices really responding. Just like today.

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  1. That's so great - having solid feedback (especially when it's positive and constructive) is SO great. Glad you had that moment today!