Head Case.

I have been dealing with daily headaches and pains since early this summer.

At this point I can go days without the pain subsiding at all.
At this point I have doctors appointments every week.
At this point I'm just trying so hard to keep everything moving.

But here's the thing, it's not just my head that hurts anymore. Some days it's my everything. I swear these days it actually hurts in my soul. And honestly, I'm tired. I'm always tired. Add a heaping spoonful of pain, a couple splashes of stress, a pinch of drama, and what do you get? Hurt.

Don't get me wrong, I know it could be worse. I recognize that. I know that a lot of people feel worse then this everyday. I know there are entire countries of people that are suffering. I know that. But at some point I need to stop worrying about everyone else's problems and ailments and worry about me. Because I matter too.

Right now, I hurt. My head hurts, my body hurts. I'm tired, and most days I can get half way through the day before I really just need to cry.

Boohoo, poor me.
Yeah, I have heard it all, trust me. But that's not what I want, I don't need sympathy. I don't need anything like that. I just need this to get better. I just need to be able to get through a single day without hurting.

So please, don't tell me to take some Advil and get over it. Please don't tell me it's all in my head. And please, please, don't try to tell me that if I just ignore it it will get better.

I've tried it all. All I have left is a pained, tired body.

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