A Long Time Coming.

I have lived in Vermont all of my life. So, I know winter when I see it. For all intents and purposes I don't shy away from the cold.

How could I when there have been Halloweens with snow? Or when some mornings we have gone to school when it's twenty below?

But I can't say that I love winter. So, when March rolls around I know that spring is just around the corner. (Yes, in Vermont, April is springtime, not March.) This year though, we have all been presently surprised. It seems that spring may finally be here. With temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s for the past two weeks it looks like spring has sprung.

I am excited, to say the least. Though it isn't typical of me to be excited about a change in season, something about this year's winter has ignited this feeling in me. I don't remember a winter where I have longed for summer. Where I have actually ached for a warm and sunny day; this year, I did.

This winter seemed, shorter yes, but so unbearable as well. I felt as if I was stuck in the grey-cold and it would be an endless number of months until the sun would shine again.

But alas, it seems that the wait is over.

Welcome Spring, glad you are finally here!

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