One Year Later.

Today, one year ago, I learned of some terrible news.
The precious Madeline Spohr had left this world.
Since that time many things have changed.

I don't know what there is to say really.

I could point out that she has changed the lives of so many. Many families, parents of premature babies, and people like me. People who have been blessed enough to learn from someone so small. But people know that, that's why they wear purple, that's why they can't stop loving her, that's why we will all remember her.

I could say that she is missed. But we know that too. How could you not miss her beautiful eyes, and glowing smile? The joy that she brought into her family and still brings to everyone that learns about her is unforgettable.

That's what it is really about today. She's unforgettable.

Heather, and Mike, have immortalized her magnificent spirit in their words, photos, and videos. People all over this world have been able to read their story, and learn. She has spurred a movement that is bigger than many people can ever hope for in their own lives.

I didn't ever meet Maddie. But, in all honesty, to be affected, you don't need to. Even without meeting her, I miss her. Without meeting her family, I feel so much sorrow for them.

None of this will change. In the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, this will not change.
People will continue to learn of her and from her.
People will continue to miss her.
And we will all remember her.

For your consideration: Today, in honor of Maddie please consider donating to Friends of Maddie, the non-profit organization the Spohrs have created to celebrate Madeline and help others. A simple contribution of $25 can help a family of a premature baby through a very difficult time.

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