Another Year Older.

Monday was my birthday.

To be completely honest it was quite underwhelming. Being that it was a Monday I had classes, and I went to them. Being that it was my birthday I made the most delicious rainbow layered cupcakes and brought them in to share. (And because I was in such a tiz I didn't take a single picture of the glorious things. Which I suppose is really just a cue that I ought to make more.)

As birthdays go, it wasn't bad. I would not complain. I just, I guess sort of expected more. Or maybe just, different.

As each year goes by I've found that I have a tendency to lay awake at night and think both about the day and the year. Which is probably the best thing about birthdays, that reflective time. This year though, I just found myself thinking about Tuesday. Thinking about all the things I needed to get done, how busy this week would be. I wasn't thinking about who I have become in this last year, or what the next will bring. And while this doesn't worry me, it makes me wonder what, well, what it means.

I don't know will next year will bring, I have accepted that. I don't know exactly how I will change in the coming year, I just need to hope that it is someone I can live with. And maybe that is really what a new year is all about, the fact that while I cannot predict what will come I can now be comfortable with that. I have had enough years pass that I don't mind not having answers.

But I will ALWAYS expect some sort of cake.

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