The 18th

On Friday I graduate.

I will walk away from the only life I have ever known. I am walking into something I do not want. Into a place I have never lived, with people I have never met.

And you know what makes me the most upset? The fact that I have three people that will be there to see me. Two of which are there by obligation and would rather be doing a hundred other things.

I don't see a lot of sentimental value in these last few days, in graduation, in all the ceremonies. Maybe because this hasn't all hit me, maybe because it just is not who I am.

But as it stands right now, this is just the end of a long, long road. And the beginning of another incredibly long and treacherous road.

So, my job is to walk it. I accept it for the challenge that is, and whatever it presents. I won't promise to love it, but I promise, myself, to walk it.

I promise myself I will try.

Because I am worth that, I am worth a shot.

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