A Change Is Gonna Come

Here is the thing about these last, oh, seven months- they were hard. Really hard. They were physically hard, emotionally hard, mentally hard.

I just wrote hard enough times that the word has become unnecessarily dirty.

Thankfully though, I've made it this far. I have made it through a semester and a half. Which, to be perfectly honest, I was convinced I could not do by November. But look at that, here I am.

I don't always stand up straight. I usually forget to smile. The tears still come too easy. But I am almost done here.

At least for the summer.

I don't know what comes next. Hell, I don't even know what comes next week. I do know though, that I can take it. Maybe not in the most graceful way. Maybe not with a smile and confidence, but I can.

And that, is a step. In the right direction? Who knows. I just know that I am moving again.

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