Miss What?

Okay. I have decided.

I want to be Miss Vermont 2012. And I am going to compete. This year. This spring.

Let me back up, explain a little.

I am most definitely not a pageant girl. I am a Vermont girl. I own one pair of heels. I bought my first bikini this year. I don't dance, or sing, or runway walk. I swear. I am sarcastic. I read The Oatmeal over The New York Times.

Yes, I wear makeup. Yes, I own dresses. But any pageant girl will tell you, it is much more than that.

But, I want to do this. I want to be Miss Vermont. I want travel the state meeting and speaking to Vermonters of all kinds. I want to have a platform that people hear (and listen to.) I want to show the people of the Miss America competition what Vermont is about.

I love Vermont. I always have and I always will. I cannot think of a better organization (and scholarship program) to help me express that love and learn more than I am sure I can imagine.

I believe I can take the crown. Maybe not this year. Maybe I won't compete ever again. But I want to try this. I want to do this. And I will.

And can we all collectively ignore (for now) that I do not a have any prospective talents for the talent portion? Yes? Great, thank you.

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