The End of The Beginning

I have now been home from school for more than a week now.

And to be perfectly honest, it doesn't feel the same as last year's break.

It's not just a short reprieve.

I'm not counting the days until my dreadful return.

I'm not adding more things to the list of 'What I Hate About School.'

I'm just, at home, relaxing. I am enjoying working, and staying busy, and preparing for the semester ahead.

It's a little crazy the difference a year can make. I mean, every one is sitting around thinking about what they wish they would have done, or accomplished and whatnot. And I'm just, I am still so proud of the fact that I have made it through this last year and a half. I did it. I am still doing it, even when it hurts.

So, this year? Not at all what I expected. This break? Better than I would have thought.

I only hope I can keep this up.

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