School: An Update

Things are not bad. Not even a little bad. That makes them...good, right?

They're good.

My room. Oh goodness, my room. It is a palace. It is absolutely huge and it has it's very own bathroom, all for me. The amount of positive that this has brought into my life is hard to believe.

My classes. Well, they are done. For this semester at least. But they were brilliant. I mean, they were challenging, but not overwhelming. And, okay, I know how nerdy this is, really, I do. But these classes, they were so fulfilling. Getting good grades was...satisfying.

My people. Okay. This is where I, not lack, that's not right. Maybe, well, I'm not sure. What I'm saying is I don't have a lot. Of people...of friends.

That sounds so bad.

I mean to say that there are people I hang out with. There are people I am friends with in class. There are people I see on weekends. But I spend the majority of my time alone. Which was hard, really hard, to begin with. And it's still not easy, but it's easier. I'm use to it. I have a routine.

Go to class. Eat lunch. Go back to class. Do homework. Go to the gym. Go to dinner. Do more homework.

The catch? I do all of that alone. Every day of the week.

I don't know. It sounds worse than it is.

It's not as if I don't talk to people or that I spend countless hours in my room. I just... I live alone. And it's hard being the person that has to find someone to eat with, or to go places with, or to do things with. It's not that I really mind that, I just don't want other people to mind. So I do things alone. It's less complicated.

Overall, it is better this way, living alone. I need my own space. (And this bathroom? It is a dream.) It has been great for my grades. And, in some ways, it makes hanging out with people, my friends, that much more fun.

I know it sounds so...pathetic. It does. It can be. But I'm happy. I like it here. I am doing well here. So it really can't be that bad, right?

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