Friday Favorites

This is not original. But I'm refusing to stop this- this getting my groove back. I will use memes to get my groove back if necessary.

Favorite Surprise: A super quick ship from ModCloth! Which brought me this beauty-

Favorite Laugh: Okay, I spent a lot- really A LOT- of time watching Hulu this week. But my favorite clip was from SNL about three weeks ago (the Katy Perry ep.) I love Stefon and Seth, lovelovelove. This was no exception-

Favorite Quote: From a poem, by Rives.

"I just wish we just had letter writing sometimes. I am so spot on with the unspontaneous. I tell you that I miss you. Your face is untranslatable. My sky is absent now of everything but dullest overhead. Oh you, the vintage partner on my dance card. I can write you, I could tell you, I would show you, I should say, you know just “wow,” by the way."

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