Marvelous Monday

Mondays. They have really never been my forté. I actually don't know anyone who is thrilled to see a Monday. Unless it happens to include cake. Or presents. Or both.

But the thing about a new year, and new goals, and new ideas on life, and all that jazz? Well, it includes (at least for this girl) a new look on Mondays. So, one new goal for Mondays, find something, one thing, big or small, that is just marvelous.

There is always going to be something. Always. And maybe eventually I'll be able to find a dozen. I've got this life that is just...really superb, and not enjoying it just because the day is labeled Monday is absolutely ridiculous.

So. Marvelous Monday 1. Here it is.

I loved: my breakfast. A delicious (a way healthy) strawberry yogurt with granola on top!

I liked: sleeping in. Way in. I slept embarrassingly late, but it was blissful.

I savored: the sun. The weather was outstanding. Well, for January in Vermont.

See, now that wasn't even that hard. And I could keep going if I really tried.

Here's to Mondays, good or bad!

1 comment

  1. Here's mine...Monday Addie went back to school after three weeks of winter vacation. I snuggled that baby of mine all. damn. day. without a single interruption of 'MOM CAN I WATCH SPONGEBOB NOW?"

    I feel slightly guilty...but not too much.