Looking Ahead

It's hard to believe that I am more than half way done here, at school. It's hard to believe that in less than two years I will be looking for a job, and for a place to live.

I suppose though that it will be harder to believe when it gets here. I have got some time, that much is true. That time though, it feels like it's moving faster than ever before. First semester flew by, and I am almost half through this current semester.

So, it what will feel like no time at all I will find my self at the end of this road and needing to pick the road I will take next.

That road? Well, that is what I was looking at today. I did a lot of googling. Maybe almost too much.

I began looking at top jobs for graduates, jobs that I would love, jobs that I could do, and cities where I may want to be. And, thankfully, it was not as nearly as overwhelming as I had thought. Maybe because I know I have got a bit of time. Maybe because I am feeling hopeful, excited even.

But today I was able to look at my future and see ways that I could be happy, ways that I could have a life that I have wanted for so long. That, that is the best kind of future I could ask for.

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