Marvelous Monday

Today was a day off! Now, I think, that just makes it marvelous to begin with.

But I was also paid a visit from my Mama, treated to lunch, and went on a bit of a shopping trip. A shopping trip that was (very) successful.

An amazing new coat- for only $15!:

And a nail color for vacation- just two weeks away!:

Along with two fabulous new tops and a chance to get off campus and just enjoy myself.

On top of all of that I got to take most of yesterday to plan and shop for my birthday party- in June. I am so excited. Invites are half finished. Of the decorations I am buying (I am making most) I am done. And I got to create a fun game and plan the menu! June cannot come soon enough.

Here is to a week as marvelous as this weekend!

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