The End and The Summer

I have officially been on summer break for almost two weeks. I still don't have a job. I have only sat in the sun one day. I have slept in almost every day. And I'm already back into the wonkiest eating schedule ever.

It is very summer up in here. (Considering it is not even half way through May.)

The end of school was so chaotic, and so stressful, that for a while there I forgot that when I left it was going to be summer. For a while there I forgot that I was not going to be seeing anybody for four months. And now that is almost all I can think about. (Yes, there is the matter of being broke, and of course, Miss Vermont.) Right now, I just keep thinking, God, I hope all of summer is not this lonely. 

Granted, many of my friends are not home yet, and it has not even been two weeks. But that loneliness, that is a big deal for a girl that has proudly been fending off The Big D for some months now.

For now, I am just trying not to worry. I am trying to just go with the flow. And find a job (because MY WORD when did everything become so expensive!?)

For now, I am just trying to be happy that it is summer. Happy that I can read as much, and whatever I want. Happy that some days I can wake up late and then make crafts all day. Happy is what I am working with for now.

Happy is good. Summer is good. And goodness, it is only May.

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