Go Gold Crazy

I have loved shiny things, for as long as I can remember.

And really, who is surprised?

No one? Good.

Shiny, sparkly, glittery - all of it, I love.

However, I have been a little gun shy when it comes to spray paint. So all those spectacular projects we've all been seeing on Pinterest? Yeah, I was thinking they were a no-go, because of the spray paint.

Today though, I bit the bullet. I wanted gold cake stands, vases, and do-dads at my party, and dammit, I was going to make them!

So I did. And it was awesome.

You guys, spray paint is awesome.

To be perfectly honest, I was nervous about choosing the 'right' gold. I did my research though, and I cannot sing loudly enough the praises of the Rust-Oleum Metallic Gloss Gold that I got. It was just a few cents over five dollars, and it sprayed on like a dream. The gold was just the gold that I was looking for, with great coverage, and the most perfect amount of sparkle, I am totally sold.

Oh yeah, and totally smitten with these party pieces.

So, I'm pretty confident in saying, I'll be going gold this summer, in a big spray-painty way.

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