Cocktails and Confetti

So if we back track a little here, we're back to the beginning of the month and the party of the year...

Weather has always been a concern. As much as I love Vermont summers, they are not entirely predictable. Last year, I ended up moving my bash inside at the last moment because it was just too cold - yes, cold - and rainy to be outdoors. This year, it was definitely not cold, but there was another threat of rain.

However, I don't give in too easily. I waited it out, and though it set be a bit behind schedule, we were able to dine and party outdoors in a perfect summer evening.

There's really no more to be said, other than it turned out a lot simpler than planned (as I lost time to decorate while I waited out the rain) and the menu got a huge revamp the day before (I can never decide on a menu for a large group.

All and all, it was all I could have possibly asked for. My dear friends were there. Together we ate, we laughed, we even got creemees and trekked to the State House. If there is anything a good party has, it is those things: friends, laughs, and creemees. 

(Also, of course, giant chalkboards, brilliant peonies, and passion tea lemonade. You know, details.)

A big gigantic thank you to Tori and Danielle for these stunning photos.

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