Friday Favorites

Sometimes I just need to sit down and remind myself of the good stuff, so here we go:

This week was the first time I have been paid since I started working in June. And as shallow as it seems, sometimes it really takes a solid paycheck to make you feel like all that hard work you've been doing is actually worth something.

Annd I got to working on my August PowerSheets this week... you know, that's not been easy in the last few months, as I'm often left feeling like I'm not accomplishing things, and my life is dragging in a way I never expected for myself. But there was something about sitting down this week and refocusing myself, and my daily life, towards grace and patience. That was good.

I also took to organizing all of my pictures in iPhoto into separate albums (which, if you know me well enough, is enough to be a good thing in a long week,) and when I finally got to putting photos into "CSC Senior Year" I actually felt a wave of nostalgia. Honestly, I don't know if there was ever a time in my four years there that I would have said, "Yeah, I'll miss this." But there it was, missing, and it was nice. It helps ease that how-the-hell-did-I-waste-four-years-there feeling. Plus, I found these gems:

Truthfully, there is really nothing like a sunrise over Mercer...

Beaudry wasn't so bad second semester... 

...and I'm not sure what I would've done with myself without that tiny shop on Lovering Lane. 

See, that's why we have Friday Favorites, for fond memories, and good reminders. 

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