A Beauty in Beast Mode

Of course the first thing people like to know when you start talking about competing in a pageant is what that really means. Often they have a pretty clear picture in their head of Miss Congeniality, Little Miss Sunshine, Beautiful, and unfortunately, Toddlers and Tiaras. Frankly, while all of these have some element of truth to them, they are all pretty inaccurate.

Really then when you're talking about what it means to be competing, what you're talking about is how you do not or will not be doing all sorts of quirky things that people have definitely seen on TV.

Yes, I amend my daily diet. I become more conscious of my macros. I take away some of my guiltiest pleasures. So, yes, I said a sweet goodbye to pizza, croissants, and even breakfast sandwiches from The Restaurant.

Yes, I am actively preparing even at six, five, four months away. I'm reciting my talent in circles. Perfecting my timing, annunciation, and arm flailing. I've been tweaking my paperwork. Sending it to all my most trusted sources, and tweaking some more.

Yes, I am building my competition wardrobe. I've crowd-sourced for jewelry, dresses, and shoes. I'm even looking for extensions. You guys, it's getting real.

No, I don't crash diet. I don't buy frozen meals off the internet. I don't have some woman yelling at me to inhale asparagus, brussel sprouts, and broccoli.

No,  I don't spend four hours a night at the gym working until I pass out.

No, I don't try on my dresses and swimsuit every day and look for progress.

In reality the day-to-day of preparing for the pageant isn't all that different from not being in prep-mode. My life didn't flip upside down the moment I decided that I was going to be on that stage in May. I'm not turning myself into a different person in the next five months. Honestly, if either of those things were true, I would know that not only was I not going to be able to win, but that I wouldn't be representing who I actually am when I got on stage.

The point of a pageant isn't to see how different/altered/refined you can make yourself while you're preparing. To put it simply, the only thing you need to bring to pageant weekend is your best damn self - and that's what I'll be telling people in the next few months.

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