More Bend, More Burn: Platform in Burlington

Have you heard about Platform yet? You know how they meshed cardio and Pure Barre?

Right. I've tried it, and each time I walk away thinking oh my God, I can't wait until everyone I know is trying this. Guys, it's coming to Burlington. The platforms are in, the teachers are training, it's happening.

It's kind of like Jack-Jack, from the Incredibles. It's cute and new, and you're all excited because it holds so much promise. But then it turns on you, and there's fire, and shape shifting. And you're a little bit scared, but even more excited, and you suddenly realize that this changes everything.

Actually though, if you love Pure Barre, and you're ready to kick your workout up another notch, get ready to add Platform to your weekly routine. Platform is fast, it's high energy, it's big movements. There are cardio sprints, big kicks, big bends, and a full 55 minutes of kick-your-own-butt working out. And if that sounded like the promo videos that I've been watching constantly because I just can't wait well then, I'm sorry, but they are super enchanting. 

Here's a quick take of all the things you need to know before you head into your first Platform class:

1. Eat something. Personally, I like to eat no more than an hour and a half before Platform. I'm not someone who prefers to eat before a workout, I typically get nauseous when I do. But you absolutely need to have fueled up before class. Your body needs the sugar, it needs the energy. Try a protein bar, maybe some greek yogurt - but eat before class.

2. Hydrate like you've just crawled across the desert. Start long before class, and keep with it. Pounding 24 oz. just before you get to the studio is just make you slosh around and feel yuck. But getting a solid 75 - 100 oz. in the day before class starts? That's the sweet spot. You will absolutely be sweating by the time you're half way through warm up, trust me, you need the extra water. 

3. Get ready to work. If you know Pure Barre at all, you know about shaking, and that's awesome. But you know that point, at the end of thighs, those final final 10? Okay, that effort that you find right there is the effort you need as soon as you come out of warm up. Because Platform operates like a HIIT workout, you've got to get ready to put in quick bursts of high energy and effort. I mean, there is actual jumping. And while every time you finish one of those sprints you will feel all HECK YEAH you've got to be ready to put in the work to get there.

4. Breathe. It seems simple, and in traditional Pure Barre it is. In Platform you'll need to be aware of your breathing, you'll want to find your pace in your first thigh sprint. Pacing your breathing is going to make it way easier to kick your leg out 10 more times, to bend and squeeze a little faster, a little harder. This is something I'll probably working on in every Platform class from now until forever because it's hard to keep that focus. But when you find it, you get the extra oomph to push a little deeper and finish strong.

5. Move big. Platform is big, fast movements. Be sure to watch the each set-up and demo, and find other teachers in the room if you can, because for any PB veteran these moves are going to feel so odd. You guys, we go double time in Platform. There is big bending, big pressing, big lifting, big presses back. Take advantage of this being so new, and learn quickly that while this is still Pure Barre, it's a compliment to normal classes, and different all on it's own.

6. Recover. If you're me you might want to recover with a huge bowl of mac and cheese. I support that. This is HIIT cardio - it's hard work. At the end of class, you'll feel like you could lift a car and sleep for nine years. So, like any workout you want to give your body the time to recuperate afterwards. Embrace the stretches in class. Make that mind-body connection in cool down. But be sure to drink at least another 24 oz. of water after class, get your protein boost, and if you happen to be Oprah go for a nice steam, and massage. I mean, I don't know about you, but honestly after any workout I could go for that. 

If you've never done Pure Barre, or you're 98 classes in, I highly recommend you hop on a platform and see what it's like. You guys, there is honestly nothing as cool as jumping off the platform and being mid air, just holding on to the barre. 

It's hard, but it will without a doubt, be one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts you'll do. 

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