Week Five & Six

When I first started on this wild journey, I knew that summer was going to bring an onslaught of adventures. Guys, these last two weeks were no exception.

Week Five:

Is it getting old to say I'm incredibly busy but having the time of my life? Hope not.

This week I attended the Catamount Ultra Marathon, which was at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. Now, I've been part of a handful of races, and I've run some 5ks. But I have never witnessed anything like this. First of all, this is an ultra marathon. That means it's a 50k. Fifty.

This was a true example of what it means to persevere, and really, how to maintain a level of unreal endurance while you run through the mountain trails. Needless to say I was super impressed by all of the participants. And, I'll admit, inspired to give it a shot. Though, maybe not until June of '18.

The rest of the week has been "normal." Which of course just means I spent it working my tail off. Between work, Pure Barre, and Miss America prep - normal is just a new word for "still busy as all get out, but it's fine because this is awesome."

Week Six:

Fourth of July week! Yaass.

I have been unsubtly extremely excited for this weekend since my crowning, because to put it simply, I love the 3rd in Montpelier. And yes, it is the 3rd. 

Starting off this week with - what will hands down be one of the coolest things I've ever done - Vermont Day at Fenway. Truly this was an amazing experience* for which I had no preconceived ideas, and that really did make it all the better. *Read with jazz hands.

From arriving at Fenway and being swept away - being able to check out left field from under the stadium, to meeting everyone that came to represent Vermont, to walking down to home plate, to standing on the field with all of the mascots welcoming each guest to the game, to taking a whole half hour to get to our seats simply because I had to stop every few seconds to take photos, to loving every minute of a game that was actually really horrible.

I cannot say enough good things about the kindness and hospitality of the Fenway staff, and every single person that said, "What?! Miss Vermont?! Can I get a picture?" 

I also went a little crazy at In The Pink, but who's surprised?

The next morning we hiked back up to Montpelier for the 3rd of July parade. My board will tell you, this is the first appearance I requested following my crowning. This is how I spotted my first Miss Vermont. This is how I spent my 3rd of July every year as a kid - watching the parade from somewhere on State. Waving, and grabbing candy, and seeing everyone and their mama.

Of course it was nothing short of amazing, and tradition-filled, and yeah, a favorite.

Which isn't to say the next day - the 4th - was not equally awesome. I was invited to the Stowe Independence Day celebration, to which I had never been, and holy moly - that was amazing. See, following the parade I had a tent amongst the rest of the vendors. And I got to meet dozens of kids, and parents, and just local Vermonters. It absolutely the best way to blow through a stack of my shiny new autograph cards.

So, what's next?

Ooooh you guys, so much. I'm headed to South Carolina tomorrow morning to meet the infamous Gregory Ellenburg who has so generously sponsored an evening gown for Miss Vermont, since our sweet 2009 met him in Orlando. I am beside myself excited. To meet Greg, to create something amazing to be worn on the Miss America stage, to be in the sweltering heat, and to eat Chick-fil-A.

And then, straight from South Carolina, it's off to D.C. for Miss America Orientation where I will meet my 51 new sisters, and tour our nation's capital for the first time!

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