Miss America: Part One, The Magic is Real

Okay, here we are, one week post-Miss America. I am no less exhausted than when I stepped off the plane on Monday afternoon, but y'all have got to hear about this.

Because it is absolutely a two-week, wild blur, of adventure and laughter, and carb loading, and sisterhood. And all the great things you've heard from girls that have been to Miss America are true.

While I know most of you were following along on Instagram, or Facebook, or even Snap, I'm gonna drop just a few of my favorite memories here. And next week we can talk some more about what I really mean by sisterhood, and what it actually feels like to be on that stage, and what happens next.

The Arrival Ceremony: A few things about this, one, it was the first time we were actually outdoors (for more than 30 seconds) in something like 48 hours, so that alone was magical. Two, the big tagline for this - only given to us by people like Sam, and hostesses, and Marc, etc. was that this was the first time that public was  going to welcome us to Atlantic City, and really see us as a whole. Personally, that didn't get me very fired up, for no reason other than, Hi I'm Miss Vermont, most of the general public in New Jersey wasn't there for me, you know? 

But going out on the Boardwalk, and listening to each girl introduce herself, and watching her sign her state - that was special. Getting to cheer for the STEM, and Women in Business, and Quality of Life nominees - that was special. 

I don't know that I'll ever get over that picture of a simple signature of on my state. I think it is quintessential Welcome to Miss America, and I so love it. 

Atlantic City Rescue Mission, #MissAmericaServes: It is one thing to give your time and your effort to your own community. It is a whole other thing to be able to give to people you have never met, and will never see again, and to do it beside your sisters. 

Spending time at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission was so special. We had a group of maybe 12 of us, and only one family happened to be home. So imagine 12 titleholders doting on two kids. We danced, and sang, and used utensils to make music, and we colored, and we laughed. And for a few hours we weren't at Miss America, we were just in Atlantic City, serving others. 

The Red Door Spa: This little outing will stick in my head for (hopefully) the rest of my night. Just one week before the final night of competition, exactly when we were feeling pretty dang tired. We were treated to all sorts of spa services, spent time in a steam room, drank fancy water, ate brownies, and got to relax entirely before the wild nights of prelims. 

All in all, it was all the weird kinds of magic you've always heard it is. Some days it feels like it was just yesterday. Some days it feels like a complete dream. But the fact that I miss every one of those sweet girls, and I get to look at all of those unreal photos of me, competing on the Miss America stage - well, the magic is real.

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