Thank You, Again

I'm going to do one of those grateful posts that you see around this time of the year because frankly, it's another day of the week that I get to say thank you, and I so appreciate it, and thanks so much, and every other variation under the sun to all the people that deserve my endless thanks.

But thank you....

...if you supported me before I won the opportunity of a lifetime.

...if you have supported me since they put that crown on my head.

...if you have helped me keep my head screwed on tight in the last six months.

...if you have cooked me food, bought me food, or otherwise fed me.

...if you have handed me clothes out of your closet.

...if you have let me whine about the exhaustion.

...if you have driven or ridden with me anywhere this year.

...if you have supported me from afar.

...if you even considered voting for me for People's Choice.

...if you have invited me to an event, fundraiser, meeting etc.

...if you have remembered that I am still just Rylee.

...if you have helped me in anyway, been part of this life at all, thank you.

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