12 Things I Still Don't Know How To Do

You will not believe how many new things I learn day-to-day as Miss Vermont. Seriously.

Appearances are the best, because more often than not, you're in a completely strange place, with complete strangers. At that point, if you aren't learning something new from each of them, you are doing something wrong.

Of course, it's also no secret that I'm an informational vacuum. I keep updated throughout the day on Twitter. I listen to VPR/NPR on my drive in and out of Montpelier every weekday. And I'm a sucker for shows like The Daily Show and other "news-based" TV.

So throw me into a brand new environment with strangers, and I'm probably going to just stand around and ask questions.

Which is probably how I (thankfully?) realized I still have no idea how to do these things...

1. Change a tire by myself

2. How to explain the difference between a 401k and a SIMPLE IRA

3. How to perform CPR (other than my quick training from The Office)

4. Speak more than one language fluently

5. I still don't know how to drive stick.

6. How to check my own blood pressure (seems easy enough, I know. But math.)

7. Speaking of math I don't think I ever technically mastered fractions

8. How to make a Thanksgiving turkey, start to finish

9. How to pair the right wine with a meal (in fairness, I don't drink wine.)

10. Self control when it comes to pizza.

11. How to properly set the aperture and focus on a camera

12. Fold a damn fitted sheet

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