Big Changes

Are we ready to talk about that huge life change that I had to hide from you guys for a while?

Yes? Good.

Okay, so I got a new job. And I've had this conversation a few times, but I'd like to explain how I got here.

First of all, it is a shift, it is not a lateral move at all. But it is a shift. And it was one that took me a lot of time to be okay with honestly.

Second of all, I always knew there was something else for me, outside of Montpelier. It's not that I don't love that whole town. It's not that I didn't want to be there. But my highest climb was not the job I was in. That was never my end-game.

Third of all, this time, it is about way more than the job.

So, ready to break it down?

It's not a lateral move...and I wasn't instantly on board.

Here's the thing, I got very lucky. I got very very lucky my senior year of college. Within a few months of being home in Montpelier, I was planning weddings. I spent all the time complaining about how my dream job wasn't falling into my lap, and there I was, planning weddings.

That was a really safe place to be. It was a safe place to plan weddings. It was a secure job. But it wasn't going to be the thing that kept that little fire in my planner's belly alive. Because - just to be really frank - I was never going to go anywhere. I was never going to be more than a wedding planner, in a small town, who's position would only change in terms of years logged.

Knowing that? I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy to wake up a realize that I was stalling my own dreams, my own career goals, because I was comfortable. Because I felt lucky.

And that's how I knew it was time to start looking. Like some of the craziest things in the last two years of my life, The New Job, fell square into my lap.

But The New Job, isn't just planning weddings. And yes, it's a bit out of my wheelhouse.

It is forcing me to learn, and grow, and ask questions daily. That is new. And that, I knew, was going to be a challenge. So yes, I was nervous.

Yes, I did not instantly apply. I did not instantly know if this was the right yes for me. I didn't know.

So I took a leap.

I looked at how I could grow there. I looked at how I could learn there. I looked at how even if this wasn't exactly the next move I had in my mind, it was still a move worth making.

And that takes me to number three, because this time, it's about way more than the job.

It's more than the title. It's more than the comfort.

Now, I'm in a community. Now, I'm in a new culture. I'm in a new place that opened it's arms and said, hey come on in, we have a chair for you right here.

And they know I'm learning. And they know I'm trying. And there's nothing that makes me feel like - despite all of that - I don't belong here. There is nothing that makes me feel less than while I'm at work. There is nothing that makes me feel like I am sacrificing what I want, or who I am, to be at work.

I can honestly say I closed my eyes and ran off the edge of the cliff at a few points in this journey.

And let me just say, so far, so worth it.

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