Hello Fresh(ly Single)

Let's talk about dinner!

Alright, well, we know that I have changed my dinner and cooking habits a lot in the last four years.

Four years? Yikes. Old. 

Post-grad, at least for almost two years, I was either eating at my parent's house, or bringing their food back to my apartment. Any way you slice it I was eating semi-regular, home-cooked meals.

Pre-Miss Vermont and pre-Miss America, I was obviously in full prep mode. I was meal prepping pretty much all my dinners and lunches while counting macros etc.

Post-Miss America, and really post-Miss Vermont, I gave up prepping all together.
Which is also to say, I gave up cooking regularly. Because I was tired of feeling beholden to meals, and grocery shopping, and truthfully other parts of my life were wearing me down.

Fast forward, and we are seven months post-Miss Vermont, and one month post-happy-and-in-love body.

So I made this plan - I kid you not, a week before becoming single - I was going to try another meal delivery service. Because I'm horrible at getting groceries in a timely manner. I hate having food spoil because I get too tired to cook it. And I'm notorious for getting home late and just giving up on the notion of a regular dinner.

I have dabbled in meal delivery before, but I got a coupon for Hello Fresh, and you know your girl loves a good deal, so yep - I signed up for my first box, with three meals, each for two people.

And I thought, oh great! We can cook together! Or I can have leftovers for lunch! Amazing! 

Unsurprisingly, like everything in my life that week, the plan was foiled. The box never showed.


So I called, cried to a Hello Fresh customer service rep, (as I did at three other companies that week, more on that soon, promise) and I found a manager that was the kindest, most earnest, human being I have encountered on a customer service call.

And he was so adamant that I have a chance to try Hello Fresh, that he gifted me a box and half.

Joy amongst tragedy!

Anyways, I've now gone through two boxes, cooked six meals, and not only do I have something to say about it, I've a giveaway!

What what 

But seriously. I want one of you to be able to try this. I can't even begin to explain how easy the whole process is.

I get to decide on my own menu from the selection each week. I can skip a week, whenever I want. And I can even skip super in advance, so I don't forget! And I'm not only eating regular, healthy, delicious dinners three or four times a week - I've also not stressed about getting to the store even once. And I haven't thrown out spoiled food in weeks.

This is huge for me. I feel like dinner is such a pain point in my day-to-day, because of course I want a home-cooked satisfying dinner, but especially right now, I often don't have that much drive.

The Hello Fresh box makes it easy, it makes it quick, and it means I've been so much happier with my weekly approach to dinner.

So, the giveaway!

I'm giving away a totally freeeeee Hello Fresh box!

To enter, leave a comment here and tell me your favorite dinner-time recipe. Then! Hop over to my Instagram, find the photo of me hugging my Hello Fresh box, and give it a like! (Also make sure you are following me!)

The giveaway is open to anyone in the U.S., over 18 years old, no purchase is necessary, prize is valued at $69.95. Giveaway ends Monday, October 16th at 9 PM EST. 


  1. Favorite recipe: vegetarian enchiladas �� made with tofu, homemade enchilada sauce, multiple spices, brown rice, cheese, and whole wheat tortilla!! It’s amazing.

  2. I would love to win, thank you William