Let Me Update Ya

I have a few reasons why it has been quiet over here.

But they all really boil down to this: it's been a hard few months, and I don't have a new way to say that.

So, I'm going to hit you with a few random updates and hope that we (I) can get back on track here.


Returning from Ireland: 

Well, for one, jet lag was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Actually, neither was driving on the right side of the road again.

Oddly though, within about two or three days, it felt like a weird memory of a trip that didn't totally happen to me. I think a good part of that is depression-brain. But it feels...like a dream. Not in the magical fuzzy sense. But in the sense that right now my brain works in flashes, and I get pieces of it back and think, Oh, right. That was me. 


The Godforsaken Glasses:

I got these a few months ago - and for a few months I've been talking about them enough that it is now just plain annoying.

They are blue-light computer glasses. And basically they protect your eyes if you happen to spend many many many hours a day staring at a screen. (That's most of us, right?)

My thought process was well, I wake up and look at my phone at home, go to work and look at my computer, to come home and look at my phone again. And though I love boasting that I have 20/20, I'd really like that to stay true.

So I bought them.

Now, I don't use them as often as a should. Because, quiet frankly, I've never had glasses, and it is just not a habit I have. However. I love the style, they are totally comfortable, and they've been great for days that I know I'm going to just focus on my inbox for approximately 1600 hours and need to ward off a headache.



It has been a long time since I've had a running related injury.

Almost a year actually (lol, princess half.)

And this set back has been, well, hard. I've relied so heavily on cardio and the chance to just run in peace for the last few months. In the last three weeks or so, not being able to run has been consequently brutal.

I'm doing all the good things - rolling it out, stretching - you know. But I really think as hard as this spell has been, it has been much harder given that I can't go for a long run.


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