Let's Go to the Beach, Beach

Last Tuesday, I made the choice to leave Vermont for the summer.

And we will back up, and we will talk about how I got to that decision, but here are the answers to the top three questions I've gotten in the last 12 hours:

I leave next weekend. 
I am going to Conneticut and Florida.
I'll be back in September. 


Now that we have that out of the way...

Why am I leaving, right?

Because I want to. Because I need to. Because I no longer feel like Burlington is the place for me to be happy, and healthy, and living my best life this summer.

Look, we can talk til we're blue in the face about strategies to cope with depression, and toxic relationships, and liars, and people who just suck but that you can't seem to get away from - but here's the rub - I know what I need.

And what I need is space. And time.

I need the ocean.
I need some new faces.
I need challenges.
I need the room to keep growing.
I need the space to take care of myself.
I need the time to move through some stuff.

And I need to do it an environment that isn't this one.

And we'll say it right now - this is a blessing. This is not something that came together easily. This is not something that just fell into my lap.

This has consequences. This has costs.

But the benefits are far, far, more important, and more valuable.

So. Do you know someone that needs somewhere to stay in Burlington this summer? Hit me up.

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