26 Things I Learned in My 26th Year

1. Teamwork makes the difference, every single time 

2. Literally everyone has something to teach you. Every one. 

3. We can all - all - stand to be more considerate when we travel. 

4. Idolizing marriage, engagement, and weddings is such a huge fucking waste of time and energy. And moving through that was hard and weird as hell, but woooorth ittttt

5. It’s super cool to date after becoming bffs

6. It matters to show up for the people that are there and the people that do care, and they do recognize it. 

7. Act your way into thinking differently 

8. My dog has literally kept me alive 

9. Retail therapy is still not a real thing. 

10. Actual therapy is real, and amazing, and everyone should use it. 

11. Suggesting that people get help, is not that helpful. Reaching out always is. 

12. A drive across the country is hard, and so interesting, and friggen cool

13. Healing is literally addressing pain and trauma. And that hurts so much. And that’s okay. 

14. The finish line doesn’t have an expiration date

15. I definitely do not want to go to medical school.

16. But I could get behind the idea of a post-grad program that would allow me to teach Special Education.

17. People will pick their nose anywhere. Especially in an airport.

18. You have to ask for what you want.

19. You don't need a "reason" for your depressive episode. You don't need to explain your depressive episode.  

20. Cutting and plating brownies is a waste of time. We don't need to do this. Eat them out of the pan. 

21. Wearing sunscreen every day is not just a mild suggestion, friggen do it.

22. Getting a puppy in the midst of being depressed, and changing so much about my life was absolutely the best decision I could have made. And I do actually think everyone needs a pet.

23. Even after hard races, I can still love running. 

24. Food. Is. Food. (Food is nourishment, food is enjoyable, food is not the enemy.) 

25. Honestly, you should just buy yourself the flowers. 

26. You can't retire at 26, but you should be able to. 

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