Let's Ride, Baby!

I bought a Peloton! 

Was it the best idea ever? No clue! 

Can I afford that $2500 price tag? No way! 

Am I excited? Yeah duh! 

So here's the deal. I bought a Peloton with Affirm. (This is the company that Peloton has contracted with. I  didn't seek them out.) Which means that I financed the bike. And instead of dropping $2500, I will pay $65.78 until my bike is paid off. This is a 0% interest loan. Which had a HUGE impact in my decision to use Affirm. I still pay the monthly Peloton membership fee as well (just over $40.)

But! This means that for less than $130 (the average cost of a boutique fitness membership in Burlington,) I will have a Peloton, and all the goodness that comes with it. 

Just in the name of transparency, I'll also share that I eliminated my car payment this summer, and this is about half as much as that. So this purchase truly is something that I have planned and budgeted for. 

But the fun stuff! 

This bike, you guys. It is so pretty! So sleek! So QUIET. 

The delivery was much faster than originally anticipated, and it was really seamless. (Delivery in Vermont is facilitated by XPO Logistics. They delivered and assembled my bike, and in total it was about 15 minutes of set up.) 

And the programming! Holy smokes. There are cycling classes of course (live and recorded) but there are also strength classes, yoga classes, running classes, meditation classes - and the library of recorded classes is huge! 

On top of that, I'm really happy with the accessories package. I will say, this is something that some people could easily deem pointless, as you can buy all of it outside of Peloton. However! I had a $100 coupon, which basically meant the accessories package I got was free. 

I got the mat, the headphones, the 2 LB weights, the shoes, and the heart rate monitor. 

All in all, I am so so happy with this bike. And I absolutely cannot wait to keep riding! 

Questions? Lemme know!! 

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