Before I'm Gone.

Before I leave this place- this world- I want to:

Spend time in the Bahamas by myself.
Live in Seattle.
Live on the ocean.
Write something worth being published.
Plant 100 trees.
Tell someone everything without feeling like I've been punch in the gut at the end of it.
Swim naked in the ocean.
Be happy.
Be in love with the same person that is in love with me.
Have babies.
Meet someone that makes me feel loved, always.
Wander through the streets of London.
Go to New York City with no plans or intentions.
Eat without regrets.
Fearlessly speak French.
Wear beautiful and timeless clothes that make me feel beautiful.
Make a positive change in someone else's life.
Learn to trust myself, always.
Learn to trust others.
See a concert that brings me to tears.
Cover my body in tattoos that mean everything to me.
Decorate an entire living space.
Write a lullaby that my babies will always remember.
Thank the people that have saved me.
Have a tree house. And use it.
Have too many books to ever read and still enjoy every one of them.

Live a life that I am proud of and am happy to have had.

(List is subject to change because hell knows I want to do more than this.)

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  1. This is an unapologetic and inspiring list. Thanks