A Wedding and A Lake.

Most people my age have been to, or been in, many weddings. I however have only been to one, and as of this weekend, been in one.

My cousin was the bride. I was a bridesmaid.

It was one of those weddings where everything felt right, and everything was beautiful. Is that every wedding? I sort of hope not.

We spent the night on the lake, at her parents house, inside a large tent containing so many friends and so much family.

I have sort of always had this thing for large gatherings of extended family. Which is extremely odd considering I can barely stand my immediate family. But there is something about aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins that just feels so right. I mean those are the people in your life that don't have to love you, but they do, and you're a family.

Regardless, the ceremony was pleasant. The reception was perfect. And it was exactly what I needed for a weekend.

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