Big Dreams For The Big Screen

For a long time I said, "I would never want to be famous. Can you imagine how hard that must be? All the work? Being 'on' all the time? No way. Not me."

But I have been thinking, and honestly, I would be THRILLED to be a successful actress.

The first issue is, of course, I don't have the balls to audition in front of hoards of people.
The second issue is far more basic (and incredibly more limiting than a bit of fear) I don't have the talent for it.

That is all well and good, except for the fact that now, each time I watch a show or movie I cannot help but think about the work that went into the production. I mean, what wouldn't be fun about singing and dancing with a dozen or so twenty-somethings four to six days a week?

I don't know, I just cannot stop thinking about what it would really be like to live and work in Hollywood. Now, I know it's not all glitter and smiles. It's work, hard work. And not everyone is hired, and even if you are it may only be once.

All I'm saying is, if given the chance, I guess I would go for it.

Ahem, Shonda Rhimes, do you need someone? I'm sure I would work so well with Patrick Dempsey. No? Well a reality show would do too. MTV? You interested?

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